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We are here for our patients during this unprecedented time.  We are Open to serve you!  Please contact our office directly at 905-468-8585.  All Safety measures are in place, we are treating patients by appointment only.  For after-hours emergencies, please contact the Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 905-641-3185.   Please call our office or follow us on Facebook & Instagram for updates.

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Pet Care Information – Virgil Animal Hospital

As a dedicated pet owner, you understand better than anyone when something is wrong with your furry friend; so, if you are concerned, contact Virgil Animal Hospital to address the issue. We will conduct a thorough assessment and help you gain an understanding of what is causing the problem. Helping dogs, cats, and rabbits, we ensure caring, quality pet care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find reliable answers to some common pet-care questions, so that your veterinary experience can be as straightforward and helpful as possible.

Why Do I Sometimes See Different Veterinarians?

Though our team makes all possible attempts to accommodate client requests, certain situations can preclude a team member from being available during your appointment. These range from emergencies to vacations to conflicts of schedule. If you have a personnel request, let our team know upon scheduling and we will do our best to accommodate. All members of our veterinary care team are skilled, caring professionals who are dedicated to helping your animal thrive.

Why Did I Get A Specialist Referral?

Our clinic’s goal is to provide the best possible care for your pets, and we will take all steps necessary to ensure the provision of this care, up to and including referrals to specialists if advanced training or equipment is needed to address your pet’s situation. While our veterinarians stay current on best practices for animal health, some situations warrant the consult of a board-certified specialist. These circumstances arise when extensive training or experience is needed in a niche area of medicine or surgery. The clinics to which we provide referrals have the necessary equipment and tools required to conduct procedures that are not routine for those in general veterinary practice. Of course, our veterinarians remain involved with care, communicating regularly with the specialist team and facilitating rehabilitation and follow-up care.

Can You Email Rabies Certificates/Vaccination Proof to Kennels?

Contact our office and we will happily send along proof of vaccination and rabies certificates to the kennel at which your pet will be staying. When you touch base with our clinic, please have the kennel’s email address ready.

What Vaccination Requirements Do You Have For Boarding?

Dogs must be vaccinated against several illnesses, including:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper

  • Parvovirus

  • Bordetella (kennel cough)

  • Leptospirosis

Cats are required to be vaccinated against the following ailments:

  • Rabies

  • Panleukopenia (feline distemper)

  • Feline leukemia (FeLV)

What Measures Are Taken To Ensure Pain-Free Treatment For My Pet?

With a focus on your pet’s wellbeing, we use our understanding of medication and strategic pain relief to minimize discomfort in all situations. All pain management techniques are individualized based on the pet and their unique circumstances.

How Do You Help Ensure Patients’ Safety During Surgery?

Taking every precaution possible, we ensure the highest standard of care during all procedures including surgical intervention. These measures include a physical assessment, pre-anesthetic blood panel, and thorough monitoring during surgery. The monitoring entails a veterinary technician continually assesses your pet’s heart rate and respiratory system, as well as all other vitals, to reduce risks associated with anesthetics. Naturally, our clinic also administers the proper pain medication to maximize comfort during post-operative recovery.

What Do I Do If My Pet Ate Something Dangerous Causing Lost Consciousness/Seizures/Respiratory Distress?

If this occurs during business hours, bring your pet into the clinic immediately, calling us before you leave the home so that we can prepare for the situation. If that this occurs after business hours, immediately contact the Emergency Clinic at 905-641-3185.

What Should I Do If My Pet Ate Something Potentially Poisonous, Though They Seem Fine?

In the event of your pet ingesting something potentially dangerous, it is important not to panic, though still contact us promptly. If this occurs outside of business hours, contact the Emergency Clinic at 905-641-3185.

If I Think Something Is Wrong, Can I Call and Have a Veterinarian Give Me a Diagnosis Over the Phone?

Diagnoses cannot be issued over the phone for both legal and ethical reasons – it does not allow for the vet to physically examine the pet. These in-person exams are necessary to allow for a correct diagnosis and facilitate accurate treatment. Since treatment for the incorrect diagnosis can be harmful, and even fatal, to the pet it is critical to have an in-person assessment.

Why Do You Check My Dog’s Weight at Every Visit?

For the same reason as your weight and height are monitored during human physicals, we monitor your pet’s progress. Gaining an up-to-date and accurate understanding of your pet’s weight ensures the proper dosing of prescriptions, preventative medications, and necessary anesthetics. It also assists in gaining a full understanding of the pet’s physiology, including getting early insight into health issues and administering weight management advice.

Does My Well-Trained Pet Need to Be on a Leash Or In a Carrier When We Visit the Hospital?

To best provide a safe environment for patients, clients, and staff all pets must be either in a carrier or on a leash upon arrival, in the reception area, and while travelling to and from the exam areas. Your technician will inform you when it is alright to take your pet out of the carrier or let them off-leash. This is due to the unfamiliar surroundings of the hospital, the presence of new and unknown animals, and the understanding that even the best-trained animals are subject to excitement and anxiety.

What Can I Do If My Pet Saw the Veterinarian And Still Isn’t Getting Any Better?

Sometimes addressing a health concern requires more than one treatment; so, if matters are not progressing or you are worried, call our clinic. Kindly inform us if a recommendation or prescription is not showing the desired effects and we will work with you to find the best possible solution for your pet.

Can I Call with Questions about My Pet’s Health?

Though we are unable to provide consultations at length over the phone, we do welcome inquiries from clients; so, if you are worried about an issue, feel free to call or stop by the clinic.

Can I Drop My Pet Off For A Regular Exam Or Minor Procedure And Pick Them Up Later In The Day?

To maximize convenience for our clients, the clinic does offer drop-off appointments, provided arrangements are made in advance. Generally, we request that pets be dropped off in the morning, and our clinic will contact you when your pet is ready to be picked up.

Does Your Clinic Have Payment Plans?

Our clinic is not able to offer payment plans and kindly request that payment for services be rendered at the time of your pet’s visit. If you have any inquiries regarding our payment policy, contact our clinic and we will happily explain the procedure. You should include veterinary costs when analyzing your annual budget; however, we understand that this may not always be an option. Provided you contact us ahead of your visit, we can assist you in finding methods to reduce costs and keep the price within budget. An example is that some preventative services can be spread throughout several visits.


Your veterinarian will take every possible step to assist you with making a cost-efficient plan which keeps your pet up to date on vaccinations and necessary services. To make the process as straightforward as possible, we accept major credit cards and insurance plans. If you have questions related to pet insurance, please contact the office and we will happily provide you with the information you need to get started.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash

  • Interac

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

Additionally, our clinic also accepts most pet insurance policies.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

We request that you call 905-468-8585 to schedule your appointment. Alternately, you can use our appointment scheduling application on this website and request a date and time therein.

What Is Your Clinic Location?

We are located at:
1630 Niagara Stone Road, Virgil, Ontario, L0S 1T0

What Are Your Business Hours?

Our hours of operation are:

Monday - Friday: 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

What Do I Do With After-Hours Emergencies?

In the event of an after-hours emergency, please call our affiliate office, the Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 905-641-3185.

Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic

3300 Merrittville Highway, Thorold, Ontario, L2V 4Y6


We are excited to welcome new clients! Kindly note that veterinarian consultations are only offered by appointment.

Now Accepting New Patients

Trust the dedicated animal care team at Virgil Animal Hospital for your pet care needs.


Virgil Animal Hospital
1630 Niagara Stone Road
Virgil, Ontario

L0S 1T0


Opening hourS

Monday - Friday 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Saturday - Sunday Closed

For after-hours emergencies, please contact: Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic at  905-641-3185


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